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The schoDance School Lenard Internationalol of dancing Lenard International in Spain is a subsidiary at the Costa Blanca of the school of dancing Jacek Lenard at Delmenhorst (Germany). It offers group classes, private lessons and training, currently in Albir (Hotel Kaktus Albir) and Calpe (Club Piramida Calpe).

The school starts working in November 2010. The idea arises during the International Dancing Conference "Eurodance Festival" held at Freiburg, Germany, on February 2010. The owner of the school in Germany, Jacek, and Yulana, the teacher in Spain, plan to create a subsidiary in this area of the Costa Blanca, due to the lack of professional schools of dance in the whole area. This, together with the great popularity of ballroom dancing in northern Europe and the large number of residents from around Europe in this area, leads them to carry out the plan. Within less than a year, more than 130 people learnt dancing with us.

The classes follow a special method and are led by a professional russian teacher graduated at FTSR Ballroom Associate on 1993.