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Frequently Asked Questions about Dance Classes

  1. I’m afraid of looking ridiculous…
    The most important thing to remember is that everyone feels that way. Also, when you come in to our class, we’re going to take care of you – we’ll work to your level, and build your confidence and knowledge from there. Remember – once you have even ONE class, you’ll know more than most people! In that first class we’ll start giving you techniques to make you a more elegant dancer. And even with one class, you’ll feel more confident about hitting that dance floor!

  2. What if I sweat?
    C’mon – live a little! Everyone glows at dance class!

  3. What about injury?
    Dance classes aren’t obstacle courses – this is a relaxed, controlled atmosphere. If you can walk without injury, you can dance!

  4. What are group classes?
    Depending on the location and number of students within one level, this class will may be a mixture of all levels of dancers or a class of peers. Don't be afraid, in both cases we'll work to your level. There’s comaraderie here that you will enjoy!

    Group classes also give you the opportunity to dance with multiple partners (provided you an the possible partners wish to). As your personal ’style’ emerges, you’ll learn that not everyone dances the same way and it’s important to understand the range of heights and how that affects a couple’s dance.

    And you’ll have FUN at your group classes. We’re not here to push you to the limit – that would be against the whole reason of learning to dance – having fun!

  5. What is private instruction?
    Private dance lessons is one-on-one learning. You (or you and your partner) can learn in a private environment that is fun, anonymous, and responsive to your specific needs.

    We always suggest that if you take private lessons, you also take group classes as well. This gives you rapid advancement combined with real world experience. Contact us for more information!

  6. What do I take – private or group lessons?
    As stated above, a combination of both gives the best results. Call us and we’ll tell you about our Private/Group discounts!

  7. Should I learn one dance, or many?
    There are advantages to both paths, but predominantly our group classes (with the exception of Salsa Series) focus on many types of dances – Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, and more. Why? Learning multiple dances helps you in many ways to be a better dancer…
    - You have more opportunities to dance when at a social event (and dance the right dance for each song)
    - You will start to learn the overall theories that are so important in learning all types of dance; you’ll not only understand certain moves in each type of dance, but understand how to move like a dancer
    - One dance will help you learn faster in another dance.
    - Many times after learning one dance, you will find similar moves within another dance, making it easier to learn new moves. And many times our students have told us that by starting another dance and practicing for a while, they seem to ‘magically get’ moves that stumped them in previous dances.

  8. How many lessons do I need? What is the frequency of lessons?
    Since you are starting, it is important to take one (or even two) lessons per week. This will allow you to rapidly build upon what you have already learned the previous week. You’ll ‘lock down’ what you have already learned and integrate it into future lessons. Also, we’ll show you how to practice at home, easily and effortlessly – this will build your confidence even more!

  9. Do I need a partner to learn Ballroom or Latin dancing?
    No! You don't necessarily need a partner for any group class, party, workshop, or lesson at Lenard International. We do try to balance the number of leaders and followers in our classes, so we encourage you to contact us before for the classes you are interested in taking.

  10. How do I sign up for the classes?
    If you want to do it in the quickest way possible, contact us.

  11. What should I wear to dance class?
    Our dress code is fairly casual for our group classes. You might want to dress up a little for our Parties, but again – make sure you wear something that you’ll be happy dancing in.

    What is important right now for you is that you wear clothes that allow a freedom of movement. For men, loose slacks and a loose, comfortable shirt is the best. Jeans, by the way, tend to bind.